Intelligent Irrigation

Rainbird 5004 PCSAM


Heavy-duty cover assembly for extra durability

Rain Curtain™ Nozzles

Heavy-duty retract spring assures positive pop-down

40 - 360° arc rotation and reversing full circle rotation in one

Radius adjustment screw allows up to 25% radius reduction without changing nozzles

Additional O-rings and seals for extra protection in "gritty" water

Pressure Regulating Stem (PRS) which regulates pressure at the head, assuring optimum performance

Seal-A-Matic (SAM) check valve holds up to 7 feet (2.1m) of elevation change to prevent puddling and erosion caused by low head drainage




4 station base capability, expandable up to 22 stations expansion modules

4 individual programs with 6 independent start times per program

Large LCD display with easy to navigate user interface and dial

Rain Sensor input with override capability

Non-volatile (100 year) storage memory saves current programming, no battery required

10 year life lithium battery saves controller time and date during power outages

One touch manual watering

Delay watering up to 14 days

Water-saving, one-touch seasonal adjustment from 5% to 200%

Flexible watering schedule options



Irritrol Valves - Easier repair


Threaded bonnet design

Allows easy servicing without removal from the system

Rugged, double-beaded SANTOPRENE® diaphragm

Ensures a leak-proof seal

Allows for manual operation

Full stainless-steel metering system

Durable, long-term performance

Available in multiple configurations—female NPT, slip, male x male and male x barb

Will handle all regional installation variances (2600 available with NPT threads only)

Netafim - Drip Irrigation


2 psi Check Valve in Each Emitter

All emitters turn on and off at the same time, maximizing balance of application.

Unique Patented Emitter Design with Physical Root Barrier

Precise and equal amounts of water are delivered over a broad pressure range.

Continuous Self-Flushing Emitter Design

Self-Contained, One-Piece Dripline Construction

Flexible UV Resistant Tubing

Adapts to any planting area - tubing curves at a 7” radius. Withstands heat and direct sun.

Qualifies for use on LEED Projects

Contains the required quantity of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled material.

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