Over 38 heads were replaced on this system located in the vicinity of Depot Road in Harwich...Neglect by the previous company left them leaking for years and years.

  • Redesign - Your home is a valuable investment that gains value over the years if maintained properly. Many homeowners conduct routine tasks like painting, power washing and other maintenance.  Increasingly, homeowners are spending more time at home, adding new plantings, installing new decks or patios or expanding upon current ones.  Home Improvement projects like adding an addition, garage, shed or adding a fence or hedge often do not take an existing irrigation system into account and, in some cases, these new additions and/or maturing landscape plants can cause a conflict with your sprinkler system.  
  • New Construction - When new construction or projects physically impede the current system you have—you don’t need to dig it up and replace it. It may just need a redesign to re-route zone lines and other aspects of the system. Redesigning a system can include rewiring components, moving lines and heads, replacing heads with those appropriate to the new changes and/or adding new zones to accommodate the changes in coverage needs. Compared to installing a new system, a redesign can save you 33 to 66 percent or more vs. a new installation.
  • Mixed Zone Correction - Correcting poor irrigation design and/or mixed use issues seems to have become a specialty of ours over recent years.  We have heard from other Irrigation Specialists that you can use spray heads on gear zones "if you know what you are doing."  Unfortunately, these Irrigation Specialists have never taken a design class.  Every day during class, an instructor would open the class by saying "Before we get started, let us remember that sprays do not go on gear zones and gears do not go on spray zones."  Due to the different demands and flow rates of water on sprays vs. gears, they should never be combined.  There are alternate products to handle these occurences.  
  • Upgrading for Increased System Performance - Your system may be old in terms of sprinkler technology and it may not be as energy and water efficient as it could be.  Water from a public water supply is not getting less expensive and neither is electricity and sprinkler components have advanced over the last several decades. They conserve much more water while doing a better job of evenly distributing the water that they utilize.   Intelligent Irrigation uses a combination of the latest technology in advanced controllers, smart weather sensors, efficient spray/rotor heads and the latest smart home compatible components to upgrade an outdated system.  We can bring your jurassic system into the modern age.