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Intelligent Irrigation was started in order to fulfill a need. First and foremost, we return phone calls in a timely manner and show up when we say we are. If we are going to run late, we will give you a call to inform you and won't keep you waiting. We realize that your time is as important to you as ours is to us.

Being from Cape and with the troubling soil conditions, we focus on designing our Cape Cod irrigation systems to take into account the needs of our unique weather, coupled with conservation. Having years of experience in landscape construction, maintenance and a working knowledge of, more importantly, what plants require specific water amounts and what plants don't require watering, not only ensures that you have a beautiful lawn, but protects the investment you have made in your gardens.

Upon our initial inspection of an existing irrigation system, we provide an assessment of the system, survey the grounds and determine the scope of work/repairs to be performed, what areas of your lawn require specific watering amounts and provide an estimate based on our research. By analyzing the water pressure, volume, friction and volume loss....we design the system to meet your needs...not ours. We do the math.