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Irrigation Clock

With ease of use being one of the main features that we enjoy, this clock has been a champion.  The last storm, we are proud to report that out of the many clocks we had to replace due to power surge failures, not one of them was a rainbird.

Rain Sensors

The wifi rain sensor was brilliantly designed and makes it easy to install in the proper locations without having to run long stretches of wire.  Also, the easy to use interface allows for ease of setting the appropriate measurement for rain delay.

Irritrol Valves

Irritrol valves have been a staple product of ours since the 1980's.  The jar top design of these valves allow for easy repair and cleaning of the valves.  Often times we find that valves do not need to be replaced entirely.

MP Rotators

Since their introduction, MP Rotators have been a stellar performer.  Delivering a quality watering rate at up to 40% less water than existing technology they have become more popular with those people looking to focus on conservation of resources.