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Spring Start-Ups

As daily temperatures are beginning to rise and fluctuate, a sure sign of warmer weather ahead, our Cape Cod Lawns will begin to need a lot of attention as they awake from their winter dormancy.  Its time to start thinking about getting our irrigation into tip top shape for the warm weather ahead and keeping our properties green and lush all summer long.  

The time is drawing near to check if your sprinkler system is functioning as it was designed after a winter of non-use.  A local irrigation and sprinkler company can perform an in-depth inspection of your system to help identify troubled areas and determine if any repairs are necessary.  Here are a few things to consider when preparing your irrigation system for the spring. 

Maintain, Repair, or Replace the Rotors, Nozzles, and Heads.

Many sprinkler heads get damaged over time from riding lawn mowers, utility workers, vehicles, winter yard work, etc.   April is a good time to test your system to make sure that the rotor heads are adjusted properly and the nozzles are clear of debris.  Repairs can sometimes be as simple as replacing a filter or spray nozzle that that clogged from debris or have come loose over time.  

Program an irrigation event to 1/4 to 1/2 inch of Precipitation

Many Cape Cod homeowners and horticultural professionals apply too much or too little water while irrigating. Most do not even know how much irrigation water is being applied.  It is important to your plants and lawn to calibrate the irrigation system appropriately and to apply only 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch of water to promote a healthy lawn and landscape. Having an inadequate amount of water (and also an overabundance) can stress plants and contribute to disease and insect problems.  

One of the devices that we see most often fail is the Rain Sensor. Massachusetts state law requires that a rain sensor be installed on an automatic irrigation system.  The Rain Sensor, generally, is comprised of a series of small cork discs that expand during a rainfall event which triggers an interrupt of the power supply thereby shutting off the system.  

Unfortunately, these cork wafers can degrade or become fouled from environmental factors over time (i.e pollen, mildew, tree sap, insects, etc.)  This can cause a malfunction and it should be inspected annually and replaced periodically as needed.  

Intelligent irrigation can perform a few simple tests to ensure that your Rain Sensor is functioning appropriately and either repair it or replace it in case of failure.  A working Rain sensor is important for proper precipitation rates, irrigation management and watching your water bill.  

Your local irrigation company should be taking several steps to inspect your system in preparation for the upcoming season, these are, but not limited to:

· Testing the Sprinkler System Controller
· Inspecting the Valves (both static and working conditions)
· Inspecting and Testing the Backflow Preventer
· Looking for Debris in the Sprinkler Heads
· Looking for Broken Sprinkler Heads  

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February 20, 2020