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Just one of many different valve locators and wire trackers available.

Wire and Valve Locating

Perhaps you just bought your home or perhaps it has been so long since you have seen them, you no longer remember where they are.  The valves are the heart of your system, allowing the water to make its way through the irrigation lines to water your lawn.  

Your irrigation specialist should know where your valves are and be inspecting them annually. One of the biggest losses of waters can be a leaking valve. If the valve leaks, it may do so the whole season....24 hours a day. We inspect all valves both while they are under static pressure and while working...because a valve can leak during either event.  

Thinking of adding on a deck, garage, paving a driveway? Perhaps you are just going to create a new planting bed and add some new ornamental shrubs or trees.

Just like your contractor would call DigSafe before they work, they should be calling us to trace your wires and valves. It would not be beneficial to your new plantings or lawn if your water were to stop working due to a cut wire or having to run all new wire because it was severed underneath your new driveway.

Just in the process of buying your home or perhaps you just purchased us today to have your valves traced and inspected.